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Proposed relocation of South Street Surgery to Herts and Essex Community Hospital – Update December 2019

Thank you to all who took time to respond to our proposal. We received over 300 responses (approx. 1.5% of our patients).

The majority of those who responded were in favour of the move, largely for the reasons stated in the proposal :

  • improve facilities for South Street registered patients with clinic rooms all on the ground floor
  • give the opportunity to widen the range of services we can offer to patients
  • allow patients to access on-site car parking
  • make it more convenient for our patients to have blood tests and X-rays
  • enable the practices to develop plans to deliver same day / urgent appointments and some chronic disease clinics together.

Many of the comments and questions received focused on similar topics. We’ve listed some themes here:

Questions received and feedback

1. I hope it will not be merged with the existing surgery already at that site.
There are no plans to merge with Parsonage Surgery. The two surgery areas will be next to each other, but will remain as separate surgeries, each with its own Reception and waiting area.

2. Will Bishop’s Park site still be kept?
There are no immediate plans to move from the Bishops Park site, though we are exploring options for a purpose-built surgery on the Stortford Fields development which would continue to serve the north-west side of town. We plan to share details regarding this very soon.

4. Why are you moving away from the town centre, as the current location is good?
We have been searching for suitable premises for a number of years, but we have been unable to find an alternative that meets our requirements for patients and staff. It is not possible to redevelop the surgery on the existing site but based on feedback received, we will be exploring options for a small town centre site.

5. When will this move take place?
Detailed plans are being developed and it is likely the move would take place in late 2020.

6. The car parks at Herts and Essex Hospital are already very full without any other choices nearby, how will this be solved? Will there be additional parking? Will parking be free?
A new Pay and Display parking system has been introduced, which will hopefully prevent those not using the hospital from using the car park all day (e.g. commuters, those using the airport etc.), which should alleviate some of the problem. The new system is at similar rates to the previous rates. There are currently no plans to provide additional parking.

7. It will be difficult for elderly and less able patients living in town to travel there, will there be public transport available?
There are already buses running roughly every half an hour serving the Nags Head on Dunmow Road. There is also a community bus which runs to the Herts and Essex hospital hourly.
We will meet with the town council to discuss how the bus service can be improved in both frequency and routes available and report back on those meetings to patients.

8. Will the surgery change the way it operates e.g. the appointment system, sit and wait clinic or other clinic times?
We currently plan to provide booked appointments and sit and wait clinics in the same way we do now. We plan to run sit and wait in the morning from one site, and the afternoon from the other site. Local practices are working together to provide improved access to services and appointments and details will be shared as services are developed. The number of clinics won’t be reduced.

9. What about the existing arrangements with Trinity Pharmacy?
As is the case now, patients can choose which pharmacy they use. Patients would still be able to be collect their prescriptions from Trinity. There is also another pharmacy already on the Herts and Essex Hospital site.


As a result of the overall positive initial feedback, we are planning to continue with the project, and will provide further updates and feedback as the project progresses.