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If I Die it Will be Your Fault!

The majority of GP receptionists face unprecedented levels of abuse at work, new research shows. This new campaign video by the Institute of General Practice Management calls for end to abuse from patients.

“If I die, it will be your fault,” is just one of the abusive comments heard by GP reception staff, as a new survey shows 75% report experiencing daily abuse from patients.

With the majority (78%) facing threatening behaviour, racist or sexist abuse from patients, and 83% reporting having called the police for help, today the Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) launch their campaign to end all abuse towards general practice staff.

The IGPM members have responded to the increase in physical, verbal, and written abuse towards practice staff over the Covid-19 pandemic, with a video of real-life examples of patient interactions from practices across the UK. These include:

  • GP staff whose tyres were slashed by a patient who had not been able to get an appointment that day
  • A receptionist with Chinese heritage, who received racist abuse and was spat on in relation to the Covid-19 virus
  • Daily verbal threats including the common phrase “If I die, it will be your fault”

The practice has faced significant pressures over the past year or so – we have seen an increase in abuse towards reception staff locally and we would like to remind all patients that our staff are here to help, please be kind and considerate.