Update regarding Surgery relocation plans – March 2021

Planned relocation of South Street Surgery to the Herts and Essex Hospital

We are pleased to announce that our plans are still progressing regarding the planned relocation to the Herts and Essex Hospital. For various reasons, the timing of the relocation has been pushed back until later this year. We are now anticipating that the move will happen in late 2021, or early 2022.

Proposed move from Bishops Park Health Centre to the Stortford Fields Development

Thank you to all who responded to our communication regarding our proposed move from Bishops Park Health Centre to the Stortford Fields Development last year. The majority of feedback from our patient consultation was very positive.

Many of the comments and questions received focused on similar topics. We’ve listed some themes here:

Questions Received and Feedback

Would more doctors be in attendance? Will it be easier to get an appointment?

As the number of patients registered with the surgery increases over time, the number of clinicians will also increase.

For those reliant on public transport, will there be a frequent bus service to Stortford Fields?

There is already a bus service provided by Arriva between Stortford Fields and the town centre, which runs every 30 minutes. We have been working with the Town Council to consider ways the public transport across the whole town can be improved for patients.

How large will the car park be? Will patients have to pay to park?

Please see the plan provided. We do not have details yet regarding how the car park will be managed.

Will phlebotomy services be provided?

It is our intention to provide phlebotomy services, and potentially other services

What other shops or services will also be in the immediate area? Where will the nearest Pharmacy be?

The plans include space for a number of retail units adjacent to the new surgery. We do not know yet what they will be

Is the latest proposal that the surgery will move – in its entirety to Stortford Fields? to Stortford Fields and HEH? to Stortford Fields, HEH and retain Bishops Park?

Overall, our long-term plan is to retain two sites, which will be Stortford Fields and the Herts and Essex Hospital. We are also actively exploring the possibility of establishing a small town-centre site and the town council are supportive of this plan.

As a result of the positive feedback received, we have been progressing with the project over the past year. We have NHS approval and are now working with the developer on detailed plans. We are anticipating that building work will start in spring/summer 2021, with the new surgery being open in spring/summer 2022.

We are very much looking forward to the future. A combination of both projects will provide improved healthcare facilities and services for our patients. Our intention is to also secure a new town centre site, so that all of our patients are able to access our services.

We will provide further updates in the coming months regarding progress.