COVID-19 Information and Updates

Covid-19 Vaccine Status for Travel

From 17 May 2021, people in England who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can demonstrate their vaccination status for international travel. A full course is currently two doses of any approved vaccine. Vaccine status will be available from the NHS App which you can download from app stores.

When signing up for the app, it may take a few days for your identity to be checked and verified so you can use this service.

If you cannot access the NHS app, and you have had both doses of your vaccine, you can request a paper letter from the NHS by calling 119. Only call 119 if you are due to travel abroad in the near future and have had your second dose more than 5 working days ago. It may take 7 working days for the letter to arrive.

GP practices cannot provide you with a letter that shows your COVID-19 vaccination status.
When you’re planning your travel, check the latest information on demonstrating your COVID-19 status when travelling abroad on the website. Make sure there is time to get proof of your vaccination status before you leave.


The GP Practices locally who form Stort Valley and Villages PCN have been delivering vaccinations together at Bishops Stortford Football Club. We are currently providing second vaccinations for patients who had their first vaccine with us. We are no longer delivering the first vaccinations. If you are eligible for a first vaccination please contact 119 or use the national booking system.

Please let us know if:

  • If you are under 40 and in an eligible group so we can send a request for you to be booked for a suitable vaccination at a vaccination site
  • If you have had a reaction to your first vaccine
  • If you have a contraindication to a particular vaccine

We are unable to support with vaccination booking for other patient groups. Please call 119 or use the national booking system.

Information and guidance on Covid-19 in easy read format

Information and guidance on covid-19 in easy read format and different languages is available from the Government at:

Vaccination update for our patients 30.04.2021

The NHS vaccination programme continues to make strong progress. Vaccinations have now been offered to everyone aged 50 and over, as well as health and social care workers, unpaid carers and people at a higher clinical risk.

Five out of every six people who have been offered the vaccine have already been vaccinated. The offer of a vaccine remains on the table for anyone who is eligible who has yet to book.

As the COVID-19 vaccination programme continues, our practice will in future only vaccinate:

  • Patients in the priority groups 1 to 9 who haven’t yet had their vaccine for first doses only
  • Second doses to our patients who have already been vaccinated when they are due (including housebound patients)

If you are 50 or over, or you are an unpaid carer, or are clinically at risk, or are living with someone who has a suppressed immune system) you can get your vaccination by:

  • Getting in touch with our practice who can arrange your first vaccination only at Bishops Stortford Football Club
  • Ringing 119 or· booking online at both vaccinations

There is enough vaccine for everyone in a priority group who needs it. If you have questions or concerns about your vaccination, have a look at the advice, information and frequently asked questions on this local NHS website:

If you are in a newly eligible age group (currently people aged over 40) please arrange a vaccination appointment through the national booking service website or by calling 119. This will allow you to book an appointment at a local vaccination centre or pharmacy site.

If you are pregnant, it is now advised that you take up the offer of a vaccination if you are eligible to do so – for example, you are a health or social care worker, are in an at-risk group or you live with someone who is immunosuppressed.

If you are under 30 and in an at-risk group, please contact our practice so that we can help to arrange a suitable vaccine at a vaccination centre.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the staff and volunteers for their invaluable help in supporting our vaccination effort.

Update on Covid 19 vaccinations – 25/03/2021

We are currently inviting our 49-year-olds for their vaccination. If you receive a text from the surgery, please book as soon as you can as the link is only valid for 48 hours.

Update on COVID vaccinations – 08/03/2021

We continue to work hard to vaccinate everyone in the priority groups and so far we have vaccinated 14671 people.

At the moment our focus is on people aged under 65 with specific health conditions which put them at higher risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID as well as those people who we know are Carers who are eligible to be vaccinated. We are inviting people as quickly as we can, based on the vaccine supplies available to us. If you fall into one of these categories, we will be contacting you over the next fortnight once we have been allocated our vaccine stocks. We have also started to invite our more elderly patients in for their second dose.

There are some weeks when we are not receiving as much supply of the vaccine as we would like, due to national supply constraints. We know this has led to some longer waits than we would like to see for our patients.  If you or someone you care for is eligible for a vaccination and is very concerned about waiting to be called, you can try to book online at – Book or manage your coronavirus vaccination or dial 119 to see if an alternative vaccination centre has any appointments.

There is currently a high demand for appointments through this route which may mean that you have to travel further to get an appointment until national vaccine supplies increase. There are vaccination centres at the following locations in east and north Hertfordshire:

  • Robertson House, Stevenage
  • Chells Manor Community Centre, Stevenage
  • Avanti Meadows Primary School, Bishop’s Stortford
  • The Priory, Ware
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals, Welwyn Garden City

If these options do not appear for you, this means that all their appointments are currently booked up. More appointment slots do get added so check back regularly. There are also vaccination sites in west Hertfordshire, Essex and Bedfordshire that may be closer to where you live.

Letters are now being sent from NHS England to people aged over 55, inviting them to arrange an appointment online using the national booking website. If you are aged over 55 and receive one of the national letters but don’t want to book online and would prefer to receive your vaccination with us at our GP hub at Bishops Stortford Football Club you will need to be patient and wait for us to call you. Like all local vaccination services provided by GPs, our hub is not on the national booking site; it is managed by practice staff who will either call you or send you a text message.  As soon as we have vaccinated everyone in the earlier priority groups and we have enough vaccine to move on to the next group, we will be in contact with over 55s.

We are expecting our vaccine supplies to GP hubs to increase considerably from the middle of March so we hope to be able to call in many more people after that – for their first and second doses, in line with national guidance about priority groups and the recommended interval between doses. Please be assured that nobody who is due a second dose will have to wait longer than 12 weeks for it.

Covid Vaccination Update from PCN 2 February 2021

For more information, please refer to the below document:

Covid-19 Vaccination roll-out

Covid-19 Vaccinations are being delivered by the Stort Valley and Villages Primary Care Network for up-to-date information see their website:

National update first Covid-19 Vaccinations 11.01.2021

This weekend, people across England aged 80 and over and living within a 45-minute drive of one of seven new large–scale vaccination centres, started to receive national letters inviting them to book themselves a COVID vaccination appointment.

These are letters from the national NHS system and are being sent out to people aged 80 and over during the coming days. If you’ve already had your first dose of the vaccine from us at our local vaccination hub at The Bishop’s Stortford Football Club, you can ignore this letter. The practice is responsible for arranging your appointment for your second jab.

If you haven’t had your first vaccination yet (and you are aged 80 or over), you can choose to book an appointment for yourself using the web address or phone number in the letter. If you book in this way, your vaccination will take place at a venue called Robertson House, close to the centre of Stevenage. Alternatively, you can choose to have your vaccination in your local area instead.

We will contact you as soon as we are ready to offer you an appointment.

Coronavirus Update

Dear Patients

As we enter a second national lockdown we wanted to remind our patients that we remain open for our patients. Appointments are however being delivered differently to keep both our patients and our staff safe.

If you need to contact a GP

Please complete an e-consult form via the website if you are able and you do not need urgent care. We aim to respond to e-consults by the end of the following working day. If your need is more urgent a telephone consultation can be arranged and you will be called back on the same day. Patients who need to be seen at the surgery will be offered a face to face appointment usually on the same day or the following day.

When you arrive at the surgery

You will need to buzz on the intercom. The reception staff will ask you a number of questions it is essential that you answer these. This is for your own safety and that of other vulnerable patients who need to attend. Our reception staff are working very hard and we hope you will treat them with the courtesy they deserve.

Nursing appointments

We are also providing online appointments for long term condition reviews such as diabetes reviews and medication reviews. These are with our nurses, clinical pharmacists and some of our doctors. You maybe asked to attend the surgery for some of your checks.

Our nursing staff are providing cervical screening appointments and other essential nursing services. Please speak to the receptionist to book an appointment.


We are working with the other local practices to provide a shared service for assessment of patients with suspected Covid19 which is separate from other clinics. Patients will be booked into this service by the GP who they speak to if an assessment is needed.

Phoning the surgery

The phones are extremely busy and we are managing much higher call volumes. Our average waiting time is short but we are aware at certain times some patients have waited longer than we would want and we apologise for this. We are reviewing our systems so we can answer as many calls as possible. Please however consider using the e-consult option if you are able as this will help to ensure those who need to get through on the phone are able to do so. Please remember you can order your prescriptions online too.

We will keep you updated of any changes

Best Wishes

The Partners and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Covid Vaccine

When will I get my second vaccine? – This will be around 12 weeks from the first we don’t have the exact dates yet but you will be advised when you can book your second dose

I am a health care worker can I have the vaccine? – Please advise the surgery preferably via eConsult of your Occupation and your records will be updated and coded and you will be contacted in due course.

I have been sent a text but don’t want the vaccine at the moment for which there may be many reasons – Please advise the surgery, preferably via eConsult detailing the reason and we will update your record accordingly.

I am housebound but someone can help me get to the football club – Please inform us with a letter or via eConsult so we can arrange an invite for you

When will I be called – all over 80s have been invited who are not housebound, all over 75s should be invited by 2nd February. We will then start inviting over 70s and shielding patients

I have allergies can I have the vaccine? – You can have the vaccine if you have allergies and if you have an EpiPen. You cannot have the vaccine if you are allergic to one of the components of the vaccine

I am housebound when will I have the vaccine? – You should be given the vaccine by the end of the month, we cannot give an exact date yet

I have Covid / have recently had Covid can I have the vaccine? – You cannot have the vaccine for 28 days after a positive test

I am clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding) when will I be invited? – It is likely your group will start to be invited to our local clinic at the Football club sometime in February. You may get a letter before then offering booking at one of the mass vaccination sites. This is currently in Stevenage and you can book there IF you can get there. If you prefer a local vaccine please wait to be called. You need to have your first and second vaccines in the same place

COVID Vaccine Supplies

You may have seen news coverage about vaccine supplies over the coming weeks.

From now until 29 March, our GP-run vaccination centre at Bishops Stortford Football Club will still be delivering vaccinations to people in the top priority cohorts. This includes everyone aged 50 or over, eligible carers and those in vulnerable groups.

If you are one of these patients, you can also choose to book a vaccination online at on the National Booking System: or by calling 119.

Everyone who is due to have a second dose of either the Pfizer or the AstraZeneca vaccine between 29 March and the end of April will receive their second dose. If you had your first dose at our GP-run vaccination centre then we will contact you when it is time for your next appointment. There is no need for you to phone us.

If you booked your first appointment at a pharmacy or large vaccination centre through the National Booking System website or by calling 119, you should already have a second dose appointment in your diary. You should attend this appointment as planned.

Any first dose vaccinations already booked to take place in April via the National Booking System will also still go ahead.

Up to date information about COVID vaccinations can be found at

COVID-19 Information and Updates