FAQs – March 2020

How can I access advice from a GP?

If you need medical advice please either use e-consult our online service which can be accessed via our website alternatively please phone the surgery and a clinician will return your call.

Can I come to the surgery if self-isolating?

If you are self-isolating please do not attend the surgery, contact the surgery online or on the phone.

How can I register with the surgery while self-isolating?

Please complete an online registration form you do not need to come to the surgery with documentation

I have a fever and flu like symptoms can the GP visit me?

GPs are not able to visit patients with flu like symptoms please call the surgery and you will be advised.

I need a certificate to state I have been self-isolating?

Please use the facility on the 111 website for this.

Can I get advice on-line?

Yes please go to our website and use the e-consult link where you will find self-help advice about a number of conditions and are able to complete a form to access advice from your GP / Nurse / Surgery Pharmacist, we aim to reply by the end of the following working day.

What can I do if my medications review if overdue?

We will ensure that you still have your essential medications, either our pharmacists will contact you or we will extend your review date.

What should I do if I am self-isolating and develop an unrelated medical problem?

Please contact the surgery either online using e-consult which can be accessed from our website or by phone.

I want to make an advance appointment but the receptionist says there are none with my preferred Dr

We have reduced access to most pre-bookable services and GPs may be working differently over the coming weeks, please contact us online or on the phone and a GP who has access to your medical records will be able to advise you.

I am not sure if I should be self-isolating what should I do?

Please look at the government website where the advice is update.  This will advise what to do if you develop symptoms yourself, if a family member develops symptoms or if you have been in contact with a known case.

How can I get a test for Covid-19?

Please do not attend A+E for a test; we are also unable to test at the surgery.  Patients will be tested when needed based on clinical need usually these will be patients who have been admitted to hospital.

For further information on self isolating, please see the link below to the government website:


I need a letter for my employer as I am in an at risk group

You should not need a letter for your employer and we do not have capacity to write letter for all patients in at risk groups. Clinicians are needing to provide medical care and advice to those who are unwell.

I have heard I should not take naproxen if I have coronavirus

There is insufficient evidence to say whether NSAIDs negatively impact treatment/recovery from coronavirus. The advice therefore is to use paracetamol in preference to NSAIDs for fever in coronavirus treatment until further evidence is available. People should continue taking NSAIDs if they are already using them for a clinical reason.