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You can only apply for yourself and not other members of your family except for children under 13yrs of age. For security reasons you will be asked to bring this application form to the surgery together with your passport or photo driving licence to confirm your identity.

To request the service for children under 13 we would require a parent with parental responsibility to attend the surgery. Before we can issue online passwords for children we would require the following identification:

  1. Passport or Photo Driving Licence of Parent and
  2. Birth Certificate of child(ren) for whom online appointments are being requested.

We recognise that some patients do not have these proofs of identities and we very much regret that without them, we are not able to allow online access. The online access is a service which directly links to your medical record at the surgery, through a secure webserver. In order to ensure confidentiality of your medical records we have to make sure that the person to which we issue the access code is you. So we can be certain of this, we require you to present with photo identity before you can be issued with an online access details. We can be sure that a passport or photo driving licence has been through a rigorous procedure before being issued and so we can be more confident about their genuineness than other forms of photo identity. This is why we only accept these two forms of photo identity for online access and we sincerely believe that this is in the best interest of you, the patient.

For children aged 13-16 years we would request that both a parent/guardian and child attend to register the child. Children of this age may hold their own password if they have capacity/are able to understand the responsibility involved. However if the child prefers or does not have the capacity to understand the responsibility the parent can hold the password. The child may then attend the surgery at any point until they are 16 years old and request the password responsibility is changed to them. Their capacity to understand will be assessed at this time.

Online access for children under 13 will be frozen on their 13th birthday until parent and child attend the surgery.

You can apply online for this service using this form.

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